Frequently Asked Questions

Who is involved with the camp?
Many individuals and groups including Special Olympics Michigan Area 36, Bay Cliff Health Camp, Northern Michigan University, and Marquette-Alger RESA are involved with camp.

Where is the Sports Training Camp held?
Bay Cliff Health Camp, Big Bay, MI

When is camp?
Athletes - August 15-17, 2017
Staff - August 14-17, 2017

Athletes - 10-26 at the beginning of camp
Staff - 18 & older

Number of athletes?
Approximately 30

Number of staff?
Approximately 20

Free to Marquette & Alger County students who meet special education eligibility. The cost for Students outside of Marquette & Alger County is $1,000.

How can you help?
Each day of camp costs approximately $200.00 per athlete. One of the ways you can help is to make a donation - please make checks payable to: U.P. Sports Training Camp. If you are a member of a civic or service group, another way you can help is to encourage them to make a financial donation or support the camp by contributing materials or staff. Alice Reynolds & Chris Zenti, Marketing Coordinators, are available to meet with organizations to explore ways they can help support this invaluable opportunity for our youth.

What is the U.P. Sports Training Camp Athlete Selection Process?
Athletes will be accepted into the Camp on a first come, first served basis. Annually the U.P. Sports Training Camp Planning Team will determine the number of slots awarded to athletes who live outside of Marquette & Alger County. The number of slots awarded for the Camp will be determined based upon the availability of counselors, housing, and coaches.

Athlete application process?

Complete the Predetermination form to identify potential athletes. Eligible "athletes" will receive an application packet.

Staff application process?
Complete all forms in the application packet. A
Livescan Fingerprint Background Check or iChat and DHS Request for Central Registry Clearance are required.

What is the Special Olympics Athlete Oath & why is it posted here?
"Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt." Many of the athletes attending the U.P. Sports Training Camp are already involved with or become involved with Special Olympics after attending our camp.